Katsu Sando

One the trends of 2018 in London is definitely the katsu sando. Imported from Japan, we've seen many restaurants create their own version of this sandwich.

41203426_1029782337182434_7052972109137692431_n-1Iberian pork neck Katsu Sando at Tā Tā Eatery. Their new 3 month residency at Sir Colin Campbell pub in Kiburn starts on 8th Novemeber 2018

Making a katsu sando, which literally translates to cutlet sandwich, is simple: deep fried panko-breaded meat (usually chicken or pork), shredded cabbage, mayo and a tangy sauce, all sandwiched between two slices of soft white bread (sans crust). It's simple, yet delicious combination that is ripe for injecting one's own creativity. Max from Max's Sandwich Shop suggests a teapsoon of rasberry jam.

IMG_2981-3Katsu sando at Bright with a dollop of mustard

We've listed all the places we could find that serves the katsu sando in London and we will add to it when we find more. Give it a follow to be kept informed. For the time being, check them out for yourself.

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