A foodie’s most important tool: The Restaurant List

The restaurant business across the world has over the past 10 years seen a revolution in how we eat out. Menus have got simpler, restaurants darker and the choices somewhat diversified. It seems like every corner you turn these days there is a new restaurant, a new pop up, a new food truck, a new cuisine, or a new form of burger. With all of this choice, knowing where to eat is essential.

Living in London, one of the most culturally diverse, dynamic, trend-setting food epicentres of the world- you’d assume we’d all be raving-Insta-foodie-blogging-lunatics by now. But the truth is we’re not. It looks like a pretty sweet lifestyle when you’re scrolling through Instagram, or your favourite foodie blog, from one draw-droppingly juicy burger to the next. But the truth is being a foodie doesn’t come easy, it is a long and committed adventure to the hunt.

And we’re not talking popping onto your traditional review sites, like TripAdvisor and Foursquare. We are a mistrusting breed (namely because we know better than to listen to a large number of people using these platforms as an opportunity to have a good moan), so we go to the places and people we trust. That’s the people with the similar tastes, the people who like the interesting places, the people who have a similar budget to us. So we spend hours upon hours planning, searching, scrolling through blogs, review sites, Instagram accounts. Trying to comb our way through the excessive tangle of information that the internet throws at us, willing us to give up, turn around and choose the same old place we’ve already been to.


But if you are a food lover at heart, you are always looking for the new and the different — the places that no one knows about yet. Because really, why wouldn’t you with all of this choice? In London, it is like going to the same West-end show over and over again when you have a plethora of new shows to see. There is something unusual around every corner, another small business starting out, another type of Kombucha to try. What’s more, is that there is nothing like the feeling of spending time planning an evening, finding a restaurant, following an emerging chef — and realising you’ve got it just right, and it’ll be taking the pride place on top of your restaurant list.

So, let’s talk about these lists then. What do they look like and what purpose do they serve to the typical foodie? If you’re anything like us, your restaurant list is your world. You’ve done everything to capture your favourite places, because the only thing better than finding the best place, is being able to share it with the people you know and love. As food lovers, we love the fact that we care about finding restaurants so much, we love our skill and the joy it brings to our bellies, but also to the people around us. So gathered on notes on your phone, emails to friends, compiled word documents or even written down in a notebook, your restaurant list is a culmination of your favourite food memories, and is something to be proud of.


We know what it’s like to be the person that everyone goes to for recommendations. And we know how much time and effort it takes editing the list, adding personalised recommendations for the best dish, or the best seat in the house.

So as a group of foodies we came together and built THE ultimate foodie tool: meet Nome — an app where you can do all of that. Curate your lists, add notes & pictures, and share them with your friends and family — all in one easy place.

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